Resident's Input | Awake! Awake Towards Recognition

Poem by: Christopher Riley

Awake Lawrence Heights – return to your home;

Depart from your sleep and captive groans.

Have no more despair and get rid of grief;

LHAC was formed at this time for your relief.

Be loose of your bonds and your restraints;

Shake the dust of defeat where hopelessness reigns.

No longer be exiled here, filled with despair;

LHAC will redeem this community out of its fear.

Be open and ready for the presence of LHAC;

You’re freed by our mandate—we focus your art.

We speak for our community through and through;

We express all art works—that’s what we do.

Cry out aloud to your innermost self;

Through it your best expression are done well.

Our art helps us to contend, with depressing times;

We can then harvest our best fruits with our minds.

Let’s honour and pray for the best LHAC can do;

It intercedes for us though it poor too.

Exhibits, displays, outreach and tuition;

LHAC pushes all walls to bring us attention.

Let’s empower our LHAC to deliver our speech;

Entrust it with our art with its quantum leap.

Its spirit-filled programs to equip youth to succeed;

Is a core value of LHAC why it’s in the lead.

So awake to the dream for a passion rise;

Awake to better economy or income in sight.

Awake to art that express our community truths;

Awake to LHAC’s work and let’s harvest our youths.

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