Frequently Asked Questions

 1  Is the art gallery free to visit?

The art gallery is free to visit. However, we do accept donations, so encourage you to pay what you can!


 2  Where is the closest train station to the gallery?

The closest train station to the gallery is Yorkdale Station. Go to the Southbound exit, then turn west of Ranee Street then turn to the left of the condominiums. The art gallery will be at Pengarth Court, four units left of the start of the court.



 3  What distinguished LHAC from other art galleries?

LHAC is distinguished by showcasing the artwork and designs by artists living in the Lawrence Heights community. It celebrates and elevates artists to be inspired by the amount of creativity and sprit that this community can achieve. Because it is placed inside of a now-vacant home, LHAC feels more personal. Finally, by visiting LHAC, you will not only learn about the artwork, but you also about the community itself, and the artists may regularly visit the centre, allowing you to have a much better chance in meeting them.


 4  Can I purchase any artwork displayed at the art galley?

There is a possibility to arrange a purchase for some of the artwork, provided it is available for purchase.


 5  Can I request individual art lessons if I would like to learn how to paint, make clay whistles, and decorate Easter eggs?

It is possible to discuss the possibility of arranging an individual art lesson for any one of these topics.

 6  Can I become a member of the art collective?

​Anyone can become a member of the art collective. However, there are certain conditions applied to those who live outside Lawrence Heights.

 7  Is there a membership fee to join the art collective?

​If you do not live in the Lawrence Heights community, there is a fee that you must pay in order to utilize the facilities of the art centre. Otherwise, there is no fee.

 8  How can I support this gallery?

There are many way to support LHAC! You can donate in person (online donations will be coming soon), you can send art materials for the artists, or you can spread the word about us to your friends, coworkers, and family.