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Enchanted Garden



          Project Leads 

Phoenix - the dominant element of the Enchanted Garden. The structure is 12 feet in height and 15 feet in length. An original image of the Phoenix is created by Ophelia Riley as a 16”x 24” colored drawing. This drawing inspired a three-dimensional image of the sculpture that has been envisioned and transformed into a large scale, public art object, fabricated by Elena Korniakova with the help of members of the Art Centre.
Throne for a Dog and a Duck - a pivotal point of the entire garden composition as it invites you to not only observe it but also to sit on it and view the rest of the group from an elevated position. Despite its gigantic proportions, the throne is easy to climb and seat on. It is 7 feet tall, 4 feet wide and 2,5 feet deep. Stefan Dunean is the author of this public art piece.
Mermaid – an art object of 12 feet in length created by Elena Korniakova. It combines wood pieces of different sizes representing body parts and chain-link fence sections representing fish scale. 
83 Varna Drive
Elena Korniakova - designer 
Ophelia Riley - artist

Anna Riley - art assistant
Stefan Dunean - sculptor
Yuri Malaev -  sculptor


Stefan Dunean-Wooden Throne
throne for dog and duck
woman with vessel (full size)
woman with vessel (face)
making phoenix (building)
making phoenix (installing parts)
making phoenix (painting)
Ophelia's drawing of phoenix
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