LHAC is where community revitalization happens through art

Our Vision

The Lawrence Heights (LH) community can produce high quality artworks that engage public and disseminate cultural traditions of various origins.

Our Mission

We invite local residents of different generations and nationalities to participate in the process of creation and cultural exchange, to build a sense of collective identity, and to enhance social life and communal connections through visual arts, music, poetry and film.

Our History

In the summer of 2015, local artists - residents of LH, formed an art collective working on visual art, landscape design, and sculpture. The artists decorated and maintained a community park, planted flowers and bushes, designed and installed garden sculptures, built bird houses and painted public benches. Soon after, the LH housing administration acknowledged the artists' initiative and housed the art collective in a unit that became vacant when the LH revitalization project began. The art collective transformed an ordinary apartment into a multifunctional public space. As a result, LHAC started to officially operate in March 2016. While serving the local artists as a public workshop and a community art museum, LHAC also offers music and animation programs for kids and teens. The art collective has  engaged different groups of the community including kids, families, and seniors into various art projects such as the Christmas Celebration and Easter Egg decoration. A series of the LHAC exhibits have introduced local artists to the LH community and broader audience. Every day, we discover new talents and gain new supporters. Evolved from the grass roots of LH, LHAC has become an agency that promotes local artists, educates community members through art programs, and ultimately revitalizes communal spirit, creative energy, and sense of belonging, inclusiveness and uniqueness.