The Riley Family Tribute

Running from June 20, 2017 to March 18, 2018

This exhibition celebrates the artwork of the Riley family. Each person has their own special talent, so please come by and see what each member has to offer.

Ophelia Riley (second oldest child)

Dabbed with a surrealist style, Ophelia’s artwork dazzles the community with sparkling details and amazing artistry.

Octavia Riley (third oldest child)

Octavia's photos and artwork express a unique sense of angles and colours, unparalleled only by her own imagination.

Christopher Riley (father)

Author of several books, Christopher is a natural at writing and his displayed poems about the gifts of each family member display his own gift.

Anna Riley (mother)

The ability of using anything and everything in order to create something is one that people enjoy about Anna’s work.

Christopher Jr Riley (oldest child)

Christopher Jr’s attention to simplicity and accessibility while creating his websites allows his clients to show their products in the best light possible. In fact, you can experience his creative touch in this very website.

Drawing by: Ophelia Riley
Drawing by: Ophelia Riley
Knitting by: Anna Riley
Photos by: Octavia Riley
Poem by: Christopher Riley