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Ophelia Riley's Artwork

First Local Artist Public Exposure

Toronto City Hall Rotunda - Main Floor (100 Queen Street West)

April 16–20, 2018 

​​This exhibition showcases the artwork of Ophelia Riley. As a 22 year old artist, she has a professional dedication that many of us wish to have. After she graduated from a high school, she has been painting 18 hours per day for the last 2 years. The exhibition features Ophelia’s work created during the last 8 years.

Going through all Ophelia’s artwork is not an easy task, as she has created over a thousand of drawings. However many of us who have seen most of her drawings, from a very first observation of Ophelia’s work, felt captivated by her imagery. In front of her drawings, we forget all our problems; worries and stress go away, and we begin a long journey while exploring amazing images, discovering details, immersing ourselves in her universe. The way she constructs this universe surprises us in every line and gesture.


Her artwork invites for various interpretations and may evoke multiple references. We can find stylistic connections between her works and those of other famous artists and art movements. However, we should avoid this temptation. Ophelia’s imagery clearly overpasses all stereotypes and goes beyond any artistic trend. When we look at Ophelia’s work we see her vibrant personality; we have an exciting opportunity to connect with her and thoroughly navigate through the wonders of her mind.

— Claudia Arana, Curator

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