The Youth Architects program is an opportunity for students to work on building leadership skills, as well as, learn about architecture and how to become more proactive in their community.

The program allows students to work creatively to design structures to help enhance the Lawrence Heights community.

Our mentors answer some of the questions that have been posed by our students!


What can you do in the field of architecture?

What is the average education pathway to becoming a licensed capital A architect?




Work may be very traditionally aligned with "architecture" and building buildings. It may also stray from this, and involve anything from research to graphic design, construction, furniture building, photography...there's really no limit. And all of those tangential pathways may be of interest to you, either to inform architectural work, or to focus on entirely. An architectural education may result in you becoming a licensed architect, but it teaches you lots that can be applied to many other fields.


You absolutely do not have to be a stamped architect to participate in design and construction!

The education pathway usually involves an undergraduate degree (4 yrs), a professional/masters degree (2-4 yrs), hours of supervised work under a licensed architect (3-5+ yrs. depending on many factors), and studying for and writing exams. It is a journey that involves learning at every step of the way. 

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